Home & School Association

The HSA is here to unite the Saint Gregory families and the school. We are unifying and forming a community through fundraising and family-fun, social events. We are excited for the upcoming events and activities we have planned and look forward to a wonderful school year.

The HSA Board is made up of parent volunteers who are eager to develop a lasting relationship with the Saint Gregory community. We coordinate volunteer opportunities and social outreach programs, such as the Caring Network. We help educate parents through four HSA meetings, where we attempt to address current social, mental, and educational issues, which impact all our families.

We recognize our Saint Gregory parents and families as primary educators and we join with them to form an active community of shared visions. We encourage family input and involvement in the ongoing education and enrichment of your children. We strive to create a special bond among our students, home, school, and church, so that we may all share a strong sense of community.

Gelitza N Groves, President, Saint Gregory Home and School Association

HSA Executive Board 2023-2024

The HSA Board represents the interests of our Saint Gregory parents and the school and are essential in communicating key initiatives to the families and faculty we represent.

  • President: Gelitza N Groves
  • Vice President: Kristen Velez
  • Treasurer: Nicole Troisi
  • Corresponding Secretary: Adriana Toledo
  • Recording Secretary: Ann-Lori Gonzalez
HSA Email: hsa@saintgreg.org